Instantaneous Physiological Changes from Structured Breathing (Breathing through a Portable Device)

These are GDV test results from 9 breaths of Structured Breathing™ done with participants at the 2013 Tesla Convention. Notice the before and after changes. These are quite dramatic shifts for any known therapy!

The benefits of structured breathing are immense and when done in combination with 8-16 oz. structured water delivers amazing results for human health. One of these results is the balancing of pulses from the acupuncture fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cun Guan Chi Pulse and Korean Hand Therapy’s Yin Yang Pulse.

GDV Before

 This man is reaching outward to the community for help in all his chakras except the 7th. The 4th and especially the 6th Chakras show extreme movements out past normal (green area) parameters.

GDV After


In just nine breaths of Structured Breathing, the alignment and energy of his Chakra circles have come back completely. The 5th Chakra is the only area still showing imbalance.

This is a phenomenal shift of energetics from just one minute of Structured Breathing!