Allowing Water to Return to its Natural State - Perfect Balance! 

Explanation by Inventor

Inventor of Natural Action Structured Water Units, Clayton Nolte, explains why these devices are so special. The Fluid Machine that he is referring to used to be the name of what is now the Whole House Unit.

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Welcome to the amazing discovery of Structured Water and the Natural Action Water Technologies Structured Water Device invented by Clayton Nolte. Restore your tap water to the way nature intended, allowing the benefits of having: peace of mind that you will be free of any harmful effects from salts and chemicals (fluoride, chlorine, etc), improved energy levels, instant hydration, healthier and bountiful gardens and plants, and increased assimilation of vitamins and minerals. And these are just a few of the benefits!
The Structured Water Device by Natural Action Water Technologies uses an advanced understanding of vortex science, utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water and geometric structures that allow the water to work upon itself on the molecular level to create naturally balanced water. The Water is the machine; meaning these devices have no moving parts, no chemicals, no magnets, and no electricity. These units are truly remarkable in that they don’t filter out the healthy elements in your water like most sophisticated water filters do. The best part is that you never have to replace anything; it’s a one time installation, lifetime warranty on the parts, and a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • As from the start, the only water we’ll drink is from the structuring unit; all other water WILL NOT DO !!! Can’t stand the taste of all bottled water and chlorinated tap water smells and tastes like swimming pool water. Don’t have a pool, but if I did, would have a commercial unit and do away with the chemicals. The dishes are squeaky spotless, the shower doors are clear and all calcium deposits are…..NON-EXISTENT !!!! Also, no water spots on the cars and trucks when washed. I will write again with more updates as I glean them.–CHRISTOPHER

  • When Clayton states in his flyer, “Structured water should be one of the first ”prescriptions” suggested to an individual who is seeking to mitigate a chronic condition”, you can believe it. I would like to thank Clayton Nolte for developing these structured water devices for everyone’s health…They are simply amazing, powerful, and for a lifetime.–TIM N. TOULA

  • Our new ‘Natural Action Water device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new ‘Natural Action Water device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.–LILETH B. RANDALL, SLC UT

 Nature’s Version of Structuring Water
In essence, structured water is similar to purified mountain water. Perhaps to understand this it might be helpful to understand a very basic view of the water Water Cycle Summarycycle from the perspective of a mountain stream. As you probably know, most water starts off in the ocean. As the sun beats down on some of this water, it starts to evaporate and head up into the atmosphere. As the water starts to evaporate, some of the tiny droplets will end up attracting to each other get to get heavy enough to cause rain. This is where natural occurring pollutants from lightning strikes and volcanic eruptions that produce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide will contaminate the rain. As the rain water that is collected in the mountains flow over rocks and dances around curves and corners the water spins and this spinning can ‘purify’ the water of any pollutants. This is nature’s way of making structured water. This is why “Mountain Fresh” spring water is marketed in the selling of some bottled waters.
Unfortunately in these modern times there is an overwhelming amount of industrial pollutants contaminating our air, land, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This contamination does makes it into our water supplies. The good news is now we have a structured water device that functions pretty much the same way as nature does, cleansing the water of all contaminants providing you with the best water to drink.
We Need Structured Water
As you are probably aware, the majority of our bodies are made up with water. Without it, we will die. We need good healthy water for our bodies to thrive. This means that there needs to be no pathogens or pollutants within it. The water in most cities is actually safe to drink, so don’t worry about that. However, most of the time this water is treated with chlorine and then added with fluoride which are both toxins to the body. On the plus side though, chlorine kills the majority of the bacteria in the water supply. Most people hate the taste though, and a quick browse through many shops will show you that chlorine filters are absolutely huge business. However, it begs the question, sure, we have eliminated the threat of bacteria, but are we still getting healthy water?
What is Structured Water?
Think back to our high school science class. A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hence the chemical term H2O. Now, in normal situations, something known as hydrogen bonding occurs. This causes water molecules to be attracted to one another. This means that clusters of water molecules will form, and these clusters have a defined shape and size. Both of which can affect the organism ingesting them.
These ‘clusters’ aren’t set in stone though. Each of the clusters can be formed anywhere from five molecules to well into the tens of thousands. Molecules will change from group to group easily however, hydrogen bonds are being made (and subsequently broken) thousands of times a second. The shape and size of these molecules has come to be known as the structure of water.
Water has Memory?
Many researchers however have indicated that these water molecules have ‘memory’. When pollutants are thrown into the mix, the water has the ability to take on their ‘memory’, and this can survive the filtration process, and even the chlorine treatment. This means that the information being passed to the cells in our body will be less than optimal.
Scientists have constantly been working on this concept. Physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was one of the first to notice that water has memory and can transfer this memory to living organisms. Pennsylvania State University expanded on this concept slightly more. They said that water has memory cells. Here, 440,000 different pieces of information are being remembered. Each of these pieces of information are responsible for their own interaction with the environment. As mentioned before, as this rainwater falls down it becomes mixed with toxins and gases. These cause the memories of the water to change, and nature’s purification process often isn’t enough to restore the water back to where it should be. [Check out the Short Video below for some enlightening information on water’s memory]

Water Has Memory

A new discovery to make the structure of water visible is allowing for experiments to prove the idea that water has memory and in turn is changing the way we look at the world.

To watch the whole film that includes other attributes of water, please visit the VIDEO section of this website.

You may have heard of this before, but there are a number of regions in the world where the quality of the water has been directly linked with how long somebody will live for. Perhaps the best known of these locations are Lourdes in France, Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan and Tiacotle in Mexico. So what makes water from these locations so special? Well, mixed up into the water are a number of minerals. This of course means that they are not completely pure, however they are free of disease-causing bacteria which makes them 100% safe to drink. This isn’t why the water is so popular however. It is actually down to the fact that water from these locations has a slightly different structure to most other waters out there. It is only now that researchers have begun to uncover just how different it really is. The are rare and very expensive equipment used to view the structure of water in the fields of Infrared Microspectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and a Raman Microscopy.
The Structured Water Device
The Structured Water Device has been developed by Natural Action Technologies by inventor Clayton Nolte. It is a technology used for water treatment which is able to play upon the methods used by nature to produce smoother, softer and cleaner water. This means without the use of chemicals, salts, filters or any completely unnatural solution for purifying water.
The technology in the structured water device is a new concept, but it relies on an old method and uses it in a way which has never been done before. This is done by using something known as the vortex phenomenon to alter the molecular structure of the water and anything that flows through it. The technology works in such a way that the healthy benefits of any minerals and elements are enhanced to be made more bio-available while all the materials and elements that are detrimental to life are protected to cause no harm.
The units have been designed in an incredibly precise way. This helps to create an environment in which the water has the ability to re-structure itself. In essence, it creates a lower surface tension for the water which means that it hydrates organisms much better. The structured water device is able to soften the water without removing all of those healthy minerals that standard water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners tend to remove. How does it do this? Well, there is special geometric technology taking place here. This sort of technology breaks down those larger water molecule clusters into much smaller high-energy clusters. This ends up giving the water more of an optimal surface tension, and perhaps more importantly better hydrating properties. In short, this particular technology in the structured water device eliminates the ‘memory’ that we were discussing before. It allows the water to be pure and to make an impression on the cells of our body which is completely free of anything harmful. It really does help us feel as though our bodies are more balanced.
In a structured water device, the water will be ‘tossed around’ in much the same way as a naturally flowing river. This helps to naturally re-balance the water. This re-balanced water can then be drunk directly from your tap. One of the most wonderful things about the Structured Water Device is that there are absolutely no replaceable parts. This means no constant replacement of cartridges or constant maintenance. Straight away this is going to save you a considerable amount of money…it also means no longer will you need to buy bottled water, which of course pollutes the environment even more. You really do have to experience structured water to feel how much power it has.
Why Good Water is So Important
drinking-structured-water-deviceWater is ever so important to our bodies. It is the ultimate food, the greatest medicine and our best energy source. Which is why it is important that we get the best quality water into our systems at all times. It truly is the best water to drink for our day to day lives.
You may have heard that the majority of our body is made up of water, but you may not have heard that the amount of water in our system is dictated by how old we are. Our health is determined by how much water can enter into our cells. As we become older, these cells become less flexible and let in less water. On average, a child is around 86% water, but as they grow older it will eventually dwindle down to around 65%.
The body fluids outside of the cells depends on having more oxygen available to it, whilst the fluids inside of the cells depend on having more available hydrogen. This is one of the main reasons as to why you need to ensure that you have a good pH balance in the water.
Many people don’t realize that aging and more diseases than not often have dehydration as a root cause or is at least a major contributing factor. It is unfortunate that this issue isn’t being address in the health field as much as it should. This is why it is recommended that you drink at the very minimum eight glasses of water a day, and under no circumstance should you ever deviate from this and drink anything other than pure and balanced water….the same water you get from a structured water device.
The surface tension of water is calculated by something known as Dynes. It is measured per cubic centimetre. Distilled water is often around 72-78 Dynes, but in order to penetrate the cell wall it needs to be less than 46 Dynes. This is why alcohol is absorbed by the body so quickly, it is actually 28 Dynes. When you use the structured water unit, micro-clusters of 5 to 20 water molecules will be created which is around 43 Dynes, this means it is easily penetrable to the cell walls.
There are plenty of reasons as to why you would want to structured water. Perhaps the main is that this technology uses the methods that nature has at its disposal to restructure the water. This means when you use the water from the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Device you are going to end up with cleaner, softer, better tasting, and better for you water. This is all without the addition of chemicals, salts or complex metal alloys. In short, you are going to end up with a system which is completely maintenance free and will last a lifetime. Remember, it will ensure that the water remains soft whilst not removing the minerals that your body needs and which other filtration systems remove.
The system works by creating something similar to a ‘fluid machine’ where the water works upon itself to cleanse and purify. When the structured water device is used, it will completely change the molecular structure of the water as well as the minerals and anything else that flows through it. The minerals and other elements that are beneficial to life are more bio-available while anything that is detrimental to life will be completely harmless, ensuring that only the best quality water is created.
It has been shown time and time again that the waters which are often associated with advanced age and better health are high in bio-available minerals. Studies in nine different countries have shown that there is a relationship between magnesium in the drinking water and heart attack rates. In areas where there is a lot of magnesium in the water, there tends to be fewer heart attacks. Where magnesium is not present in high quantities there tends to be a higher amount of heart attacks. The majority of home water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, water softeners, and distillation eliminate these essential minerals which is detrimental to our health. Yes, quite often manufacturers will add these minerals back into the water, but these are not the same type as what is supplied by what nature provides.
Why is Water So Important to the Human Body?
Well, used in the right way it enables us to regulate the temperature of our body. It will even cushion and protect our various organs. In addition to this, it has a starring role in helping our digestive system. It forms around 75% of our muscle and 10% of our fatty tissue. If that wasn’t enough, it also transports nutrients between our cells and even helps to dispel any waste! This is why we should drink structured water. It is honestly one of the best ways to ensure that our body functions properly and remains disease-free. It really does ensure that we remain hydrated, and by drinking it, our bodies will find it much easier to flush away all of those toxins which make us feel less than ideal.
As mentioned previously, dehydration is often the root cause of most diseases which are often associated with age. For example, dementia or even arthritis. The problem is, over time your body will have become used to being dehydrated and thus not give us the signals that we need to go grab some more water.Woman-Drinking-Structured-Water-Device
Did you know that over 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated? Even if they are suffering from only mild dehydration they will notice a slowdown in their metabolism, constant tiredness, memory issues and any health issues currently being faced will be much worse. It isn’t about drinking more water though, it is about drinking the right water. The water we are writing about is structured water from the structured water device.
Not all water is the same. The structured water will hold in more oxygen which is going to be better for the body overall. When we are born, our bodies contain structured water. However, this all changes when we get older. Stress, Pollutants, diet and free radicals can all contribute towards throwing the body out of sync. This means that the ability of our body to absorb water decreases with age. It isn’t too late to change this though, and structured water is exactly what we need.
The Fuel of Life
The water from the structured water device is packed to the brim with negative hydrogen ions. As you are probably aware, this hydrogen is the fuel of life. All of the food we eat releases hydrogen. This is burned by oxygen which causes a chemical reaction which provides us with a fuel known as ATP. There are special enzymes in the body for this. They are known as dehydrogenates and their responsibility is to remove hydrogen from whatever we consume. This means it can then be burned and the energy released. Any carbon or oxygen left over from this process is released into the atmosphere when we breathe out. This is then absorbed by the plants.
Hydrogen doesn’t just fuel our bodies however. It also fuels the rest of the universe. In fact, 90% of the universe is made up of hydrogen. It is even the main energy source for the sun. Researchers have shown that no electrons are carried anywhere unless they are attached to a hydrogen atom. In all chemical reactions, hydrogen needs to be present somewhere. As a result, the body stores hydrogen so that it doesn’t need an enzyme to use it. And what is the best source of hydrogen? Structured water as it can be readily absorbed into the cells for when it is needed.
The Benefits of Structured Water
When you drink water provided by the Structured Water Device you can look forward to a number of wonderful benefits on your body.
Your body is constantly struggling to be in balance. Water is also striving for the same thing. As a result, the body starts to balance itself in tune with the water which is balanced naturally. Benefits include:
– Better release of healthy vitamins and minerals in our bodies, as well as the bodies of our pets.
– Pets, Livestock and Fish tend to be much healthier
– Ice Cubes become clearer and sometimes freeze harder
– Cleaner fish tanks
– Better looking skin and hair, especially after washing.
– Improves the health of our body, this means less pain and more energy
– Reduces sun-burn
– Need to use less soap when washing
– Reduces odour
– Better washing of clothes
– Better washing of dishes, windows and cars.
Structured Water and Oxygen
Structured water contains stable oxygen. This means that it doesn’t disappear immediately. Basically, this added oxygen can help to raise the amount of oxygen in our blood. Often, a low oxygen count means poor health and headaches. This is why it is important to boost our structured water intake. Often it tastes much better than other water too.
So how important is oxygen to us? Well, almost 90% of all life energy is created by this oxygen. Every process in our body is regulated by oxygen, and it is thanks to oxygen that our brains function in the way that they do.
Research has shown that structured water can:structured-water
– Improve the immune system and the way in which it reacts to disease
– Increase hydration in the body
– Helps to to detoxify the cells within our body
– Balances water
– Increases oxygen content in the blood
– Improves brain function
– Reduces the swelling within joints
– Overall better health
Landscaping and Outdoor Water Features
Structured Water can have a huge benefit on the environment as well. It helps to create water which is much better at penetrating the soil, and can even carry sodium, magnesium and other things deeper into the soil which means greater root penetration. This can lead to:
– Plants being able to withstand lower temperatures
– A better looking garden. This means greener grass, thriving plants and fantastic looking trees
– Improved growth of crops
– Healthier plants
– Longer lasting ‘cuttings’
– Reduces the amount of water needed, saving you money
Cost Savings of Structured Water Device
It isn’t just the health benefits that you can look forward to with one of these units. There are in fact a number of financial benefits too, whether you are using it for drinking, cleaning, watering of livestock or growing crops.
– You don’t need to replace any cartridges
– No need to buy bottled water
– Need to use less fertilizer when growing
– Less soap needed when washing
– Improves the life span of the pipes in machines that use water, for example dishwashers and water heating systems. This is because it is not corrosive.
– Reduces anaerobic bacteria in septic and sewage systems
– Reduces the amount of chlorine you need in swimming pools and hot tubs
– Little algae growth in ponds
– Reduces calcium and argonite build-up in pipes and water heaters
– Improves your health, means less trips to the doctor


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