The Poultry Structured Water Studies are in!

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Organically grown, faster growth, bigger birds, less mortality rate, less water and less feed used!


The Tennessee studies with structured water brought forth a drop in mortality rates.

The mortality declined from 4,000 birds per house to 2,000 birds per house just by giving the bird’s structured water.
Mortality rates continued to fall at a 600 to 800 per house.
The Birds receiving structured water with were around 3.5 ounces heavier than the control birds.
For the test in ...

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Instantaneous Physiological Changes from Structured Breathing (Breathing through a Portable Device)

These are GDV test results from 9 breaths of Structured Breathing™ done with participants at the 2013 Tesla Convention. Notice the before and after changes. These are quite dramatic shifts for any known therapy!

The benefits of structured breathing are immense and when done in combination with 8-16 oz. structured water delivers amazing results for human health. One of these results is the balancing of pulses from the acupuncture fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cun Guan Chi Pulse and Korean Hand ...

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“I Have More Energy Throughout My Day”

“I Have More Energy Throughout My Day” – is what I hear from most people when I ask them what they are noticing as a result of drinking and/or bathing with Structured Water.

One of the contributing factors to this “More Energy” effect has to do with the fact that water molecules like to clump together into what are called clusters and that these clusters must be broken down because only 1 water molecule can be used at a time for ...

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