The following story was originally published from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Website


Structured Water: the 10 pointed star in Sacred Geometry

By Phoenix Rising Star

A woman came into our center. She’d been there before, so we were familiar with her. However, this time when she entered we immediately noticed some changes in her.

Close to seventy, she previously had a somewhat dried appearance, like an autumn leaf before disintegrating. Papery-thin, dry.

Today she had a vitality about her. An excitement and energy. Her skin appeared more nourished. Her wrinkles were no longer prominent. Her hair was silky and curly, even better than with a fresh perm.

“I have something I want you to try,” she announced.

Uncovering what appeared to be a glass of water, she asked me if we had smaller cups for tasting the liquid. After we produced some, she poured the water into each cup and encouraged us to drink it.

Curious, we first looked at the remarkably clear fluid. Sniffing, we noticed a lack of odor. No chemicals, like chlorine. No natural sulfur smell. Nothing.

So we tasted it.

It seemed to flow through my mouth and down my gullet like slow cool molasses, spreading an incredible soothing lightness through my mouth and down.

Was this JUST water?

We began to eagerly gulp it until each glass was empty.

She smiled at us and began to tell us about this water.

“It’s called structured water. It goes through a cylinder like a filter, but it’s not. Any water can go through this cylinder. And what happens is all the toxic chemicals get transmuted, leaving only the original pure state of water,” she said.

“I don’t know how it works, but the inventor is in town, selling them out of his car. I’d like to get him here to talk about it,” she suggested.

So would we.

Curious, we asked him in for a private interview and a public presentation on this ‘cylinder’ that structured water.

Before he arrived for either one, I got on the internet to see what I could find out about Clayton Nolte or structured water. There wasn’t much.

I was, however, able to order a shower unit. I wanted to see for myself what this thing did before I was influenced by Clayton or anyone else.

Easy to install, the shower unit is bi-directional, meaning you can’t make a mistake in installing it. It works in either direction and is just as effective either way.

Unscrew the shower head from the pipe. Add the shower unit to the pipe. Add the shower head to the unit. If it hangs too low to shower comfortably, add a riser pipe first.

The first time I showered in it, I felt my body immediately relax into the pure, clean state of what felt like living water. No chlorine smell. Just silky moving water. Like standing under a gentle waterfall. Or even a home-made outdoor shower using collected rainfall. Soft and pure.

“Thank you!” I heard and felt my body say.

Soap didn’t seem to foam as much, but neither did I feel I needed it.

My skin and hair felt hydrated, smooth and silky afterwards. Even in this dry Arizona air.

During the day and subsequent days I noticed that any daily intentions I recited in the shower manifested faster and more profoundly.

From, “I am a living field of love and light” to “I choose to release anything not for my highest good and healing and fill myself with love and light” to “I choose to release any stored toxins from my bodies, with grace and ease, and imprint whatever higher frequencies will prevent me from taking on any more.”

And so on.

Incredible how the days flowed effortlessly, in harmony. How happy my body was. How happy all my bodies were.

My cat refused to drink anything but structured water. So did we, as a matter of fact. Even if it came from the tap initially. We NEVER drink from the tap. We’ve always gotten our water from the live spring twelve miles away. But just running water through the garden unit or the shower unit creates a better tasting glass of water, more hydrating, and energizing than anything I’ve ever tasted.

We left town for a week. I watered plants with structured water before we left. When we came back, the jasmine plants had doubled in size and had more blossoms than ever before. The almost dead aloe plant had a new lease on life, with seven new leaves. All in one week!

We went to a local restaurant. New owners had spruced it up quite a bit, and the food tasted much better. Then we noticed a sign on the table advertising structured water for their drinking water. As we looked around, we noticed how joyful the atmosphere was. People at different tables, talking to each other, apparently meeting for the first time. Diners going back for seconds and thirds from the delicious buffet.

What was going on here?

When Clayton Nolte came in for his interview, the first thing he said was, “Everybody has what I have. Everybody. But they haven’t taken the time to practice, to observe, to be present. That’s what it’s all about.”

Raised on a farm in Minnesota, he went to college for two years, studying engineering. At that time, he wasn’t sure which area of engineering to go into, so the University gave him a battery of tests and determined the Air Force was a good choice.

Entering the Air Force, he received the same battery of tests, and then talked to some men in black suits who profiled him into research and development in electronic warfare.

“I received a broad range of education, and a lab with an unlimited supply of toys and tools, and it ended up to be quite an experience,” Clay said. He added that he’s taken a leave of absence in the last ten years.

I asked, “So what began your journey with water?”

“It’s simple. Water appeared where it should not.”

After a moment of silence, I asked the logical question, “Where was that?”

“In time, the observation of structured water was there in this world of pollution.”

He continued, “My journey was in studying nature and the things that man can do, but are not practiced.”

So how does this work exactly?

“The fluid units themselves are pretty basic. There are no moving parts, no chemicals, no filters, no magnets, no electricity needed to run this. The inside is glass and Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It IS everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of counter-rotating fields. The more balanced the spin, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same counter-rotating fields. All I’ve done is create a balanced field so water can remember its natural state.”

I just looked at him.

“You all want an explanation! You want to intellectualize it. You want a mathematical formula for it all. But in nature, the true balance is the key. We need to let go of HOW,” he said.

“Water in its perfect structure takes on a God form. It’s magic. When water is in the process of structuring, it doesn’t see anything else. It’s just enamored with the possibility of being free.

“Structured water can’t survive in man’s world. Everything man-made is injurious to life. No matter the amount of structured water, or what type of pipe is used, structured water will not live beyond 300 feet in straight pipe. So if you have a whole house unit, you need to know the location of your pipes and their relationship to each other in order to know if you need one or two units. For example, there was a man who ordered a house unit. His plants in the front seemed to thrive, but he still noticed hard water spots on his dishes from the dishwasher. When we investigated, we found that he’d put the whole house unit by the water main, as instructed, but he had two hundred feet of driveway! The three hundred feet rule seems to be very consistent. It’s just the way it is. Once he installed a second unit closer to his kitchen, he was very satisfied with the results.

“In nature, there’s always a however. In ten miles of pipe with structured water in the pipe, if you have a shut off at one end, all ten miles of water will be structured within minutes. Water entrains within minutes, both forward and backward within the pipe.

“Structured water is highly stable. It frees excess oxygen. It supports aerobic bacteria and kills anaerobic bacteria. Consuming structured water instantly hydrates the cells. In the QXCI machine, you would instantly see the results in twenty-two seconds, from the time you think you’re going to pick up the glass and drink from it. What happens when you drink tap water, your body expends around one hundred KW of energy to be hydrated. With structured water, your hydration is instantaneous and your energy can do what it’s meant to do. It resets your DNA and RNA back to before circumstances and pollution.

“Once a plant is given structured water, it receives far more nutrition from the air. Once it contains its predisposition of source and vitality, then regardless of pollution, it can receive its life force from the air.

“Placing structured water, a container of structured water in the environment will pull out negativity and toxins from the environment. It will structure a glass of non-structured water just sitting close by.”

I said, “I noticed I was releasing more cellular memory�.”

He nodded, “I recommend asking the universe to erase all demands, prayers or anything you haven’t received yet. Just erase it. Because eventually, when you get to that ‘free space’, the first thing you ask for could manifest instantly. Because you’re no longer being weighted down by the universe trying to provide something you had to have when you were thirteen years old. And believe me, everyone who’s practiced letting go of things without knowing what they are, those people are very empowered.

“Structured water gives people greater potential or opportunities to know what’s theirs-to be given dominion-to no longer be susceptible to anything taking you off your center.”

I asked about Masaro Emoto’s work with water crystals. “Did you also find the perfect hexagon shape?”

“Yeah, sure,” he answered.

“Intention works also. With what you saw, was it comparable to Emoto’s work, as in love and gratitude creating beautiful crystal shapes?”

“Comparable yes. But you know the word hexadecimal or hexagonal implies something that’s only temporary. You want your water to look like this? Be like this. You can make everything that way. Why should I make it for you? Be that way. There are people in this world who can instantly manifest anything they desire. Even you can do that. So�you have no excuses.”

I said, “It isn’t about that, it’s about empowering the individual. What you’re doing with this device is helping individuals to empower themselves so they can do more.”


He continued with sacred geometry. “Everybody thinks water is a hexagon shape, but it’s not. The actual figure, in my experience, is a ten pointed star. Two intersecting pyramids. The actual figure points on a pyramid are four on the bottom and one at the top. Drop it in point to point and you get a ten pointed star. From that ten points, it can morph into anything. In electronic form, the ten pointed star is a device of changing dimensions, for inter-planetary travel. It’s just energy powered by intention. That’s just the way it is.”

“I see Hydrogen as the aspect of the Father. Everything turns on Hydrogen. It’s the first part in all elements, in all things. Oxygen is the Mother. And Carbon is the child,” he said in a remarkable connection to the Unity Breath Meditation. “Everything is a combination of these three. Everything.”

What are some of the miracle stories you’ve heard with structured water?

“There was a 75 year old man with life-long excema who bought a shower unit. Within 18 hours, 90% of his itching, burning skin irritations had disappeared. Another man had esophageal cancer. He was hospitalized with severe dehydration, and given no chance of survival. His friend began bringing him structured water every day. He walked out of the hospital in under four weeks, in remission. Another person with cancer began drinking the water, and within three weeks, was in remission. The list goes on and on. I hear miracle stories all the time.”

What is the longest range of effects you’ve studied with the structured water units?

“Well, I’ve been making these units for more than fifteen years, and people that first bought them from me are still happy with them. Nothing has been replaced, or needed fixing. There’s no moving parts and no filters to replace, and the lifetime guarantee seems to be working.”

What are the other benefits of structured water?

“It tastes better because it structures any chemicals natural or man-made, anything that is toxic, and just surrounds it and releases it. It just passes through your body without effect. So the first immediate effect is your body heals from the polluting chemicals you’ve been used to. Increased vitality. Less joint and muscle pain. More energy because there’s more oxygen. Increased absorption of vitamins, minerals and medications. Vigorous plant growth. Less fertilizer required. It removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits. No hard water spots. Less cleaning required for kitchen and bathroom. Prevents and removes corrosion and increases the life span of pipes, hot water heaters, dishwashers, swamp-coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc. The list goes on and on. Less algae growth in ponds and lakes, cleaner fish tanks, healthier pets, improved crops and garden growth, better tasting food. I could go on and on.”

Are there any negative effects from the units?

“Well, once you start using this on your garden, be prepared to always use it. Birds and other wildlife will demand it. Plants will demand it. And if you live in an area like Arizona where javelinas run wild, you’ll have to protect your garden device from them. They’ll find a way to destroy the garden unit. It’s like they have to have whatever life force energy is coming from there. And the units will break down in prolonged sunlight. The outside is PVC pipe, so find a way to shelter it. If you’re in a cold zone, don’t leave water in it when it starts to freeze. Take it inside. Also, at this time, we don’t have the units fitted for metric pipes, like Europe. But we’re working on that.”

So what’s next?

“In my research, I want to get to that place where no one has been. Where there are no words. There’s nothing you can’t do if you have enough money and you have people that aren’t limited.

“Take what you know and be in joy. That will catapult us into what we can do to make a difference. We have to be ready for that. In my journey, the greatest propulsion is taking action. There are organizations all over the world where there are think tanks. But the truth is in action.”